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Goldsmithing with passion, for your handmade jewelry.

The shop is closed for holidays. We will be working on different days, but will not be available for appointments. We look forward to seeing you again from Monday 22 August.. Kind regards, Suzanne, Inge, Kelly and Mascha.

“Making a piece of jewelry in consultation with someone who will wear or give it, is so special. That gives me so much joy.”

“Goldsmithing is a real craft. It feels like a privilege to be allowed to do that.”

“Designing together: really listening to your story and translating that into a piece of jewelry, is my strength.”

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Since I make pieces of jewelry that mean something to someone, I tend to get lovely reviews from my customers.
I love to share those:

“Always trying something new, so I can turn the picture that is in my head, into a real piece of jewelry.”

I love to make custom jewelry, designing jewelry together with someone, is beautiful to do. Do you want to give a gift? I offer a nice solution for this, so you can still surprise someone with a custom made piece, but you can actually give a present at the event.

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