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Goldsmithing with passion, for your handmade jewelry.

“Making a piece of jewelry in consultation with someone who will wear or give it, is so special. That gives me so much joy.”

“Goldsmithing is a real craft. It feels like a privilege to be allowed to do that.”

“Always trying something new, so I can turn the picture that is in my head, into a real piece of jewelry.”

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Since I make pieces of jewelry that mean something to someone, I tend to get lovely reviews from my customers.
I love to share those:

“Every piece of jewelry I make is unique or one of a few (made to your wishes).”

I prefer to make custom work, to design a piece of jewelry together with someone, which I then make is incredibly beautiful to do. I have a small collection though, but I will also adjust or tailor these pieces as desired. That is why there is no webshop. Of course you can order jewelry. You can read more about this here:

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