About Suzanne

“Sometimes something really touches you.”

I met my husband on Aruba. 7 years later we were there on vacation again. That is when I found out I finally became pregnant with our first daughter. We went to a goldsmith and I bought a silver pendant shaped like a tree.
That same pendant still touches me. It brings me back to when my husband and I met. It brings me back to the enormous feeling of happiness when we discovered that we really could have a baby. And it brings me back to the wonderful feeling when I was there on holiday with my husband and (now) two daughters.

“A piece of jewelry can create thát feeling.”

My name is Suzanne Veldsink-Koldewee (1984), I live in the south of the Netherlands with my husband and two daughters. My daughters are a source of inspiration. The first letters of their names form LiJa, which is why I chose the name: LiJa Jewelry.
After some detours I went to the Vakschool Schoonhoven. Since I discovered goldsmithing, I have been able to create thát feeling for others. That emotion that a piece of jewelry can impart. That gives me such a feeling of happiness.

“Goldsmithing allows me to create thát feeling for others.”

I enjoy being creative in the broadest sense of the word. This also happens with goldsmithing. Not only designing a piece of jewelry requires creativity. Manufacturing the jewelery also requires regular technical insight, perseverance and being able to think in solutions.

My daughters are still young, but are already looking over my shoulder with great interest. The video above was made by my (then) 5 year old daughter. She waited anxiously until her mother-made ring was ready.

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