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LiJa Jewelry
Suzanne Veldsink-Koldewee

Building Het Klooster
Park 1 in Nuenen (only with an appointment)

For safety reasons I do not have a stock of precious metals. The samples of pieces of jewelry in the studio are not made with gold.

Would you like to have more info?
Are you interested in a, custom made piece of jewelry?

Please get in touch with me. You can contact me by telephone 0031 6 24221810, by email or by using the following contact form.

I am so happy that so many sweet and nice customers know how to find me with their beautiful stories, that I translate into a piece of jewelry. At goldsmithing you can see that making a beautiful piece of jewelry from (old) gold or silver takes a lot of time. Because of this making a piece of jewelry for you, might take more or less 8 weeks. It now requires a little more patience, but fortunately a piece of jewelry will last a lifetime.

Feel free to follow me on social media to see how I make the jewelry, I regularly post videos.

06 2422 1810