Commissioned, handmade jewelry

There are so many beautiful moments in life. For example the birth of a (grand) child, the 18th birthday, graduation, engagement, marriage, a work anniversary or retirement.
Of course, there are also moments that bring very different emotions, such as someone moving to another country, a divorce or if a loved one passes away.

“All of these moments can be a reason to look for something tangible. Something to give or to receive that embraces that special feeling.”

I would love to help with that. Making a piece of jewelry in consultation with someone who will wear or give it, is so special. That gives me so much joy. Also feel free to contact me if you do not have a clue about what would be the right piece of jewelry, I would be happy to help you.

I can also make the jewelry from ‘old’ gold. Perhaps you have jewelry that you no longer wear, because they do not complement your style or because they do not fit (anymore). We can make the design together, so that it is the perfect piece for you. Then I will make the jewelry in my studio, more about this can be found on the Goldsmithing page.

“Making a piece of jewelry in consultation with someone who will wear or give it, is so special. That gives me so much joy!”

Below you will find a selection of custom made jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has its own story.

Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Geboortestenen Ring Zilver Diamant Peridot Parel
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Maatwerk Oorbellen Kind Witgoud Schelp
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Manchetknopen Stukadoor Spaan Zilver
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Abstracte Tweevinger Ring Peridot
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Broche Roosjes Zilver
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Geboortesteen Ring Saffier 14kt Goud
Edelsmid Lija Jewelry Ashanger Herinneringssieraad Trouwring Vingerafdruk
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Broche Roosjes
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Assieraad Herinneringssieraad Trouwringen
Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Rondjes Oorbellen Zilver
Edelsmid LiJa Jewelry Licht blauwe saffier zilveren ring
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry Armband Noorwegen speciaal design
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry aan het werk branden
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry octogoonwals
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry logo sieraad zilver ketting hanger smal
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry Gereedschap wals
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry armband edelstenen quartz 2
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry oorbellen ring lapis lazuli blauw
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry zilver juweel hanger moederdag collier
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry oorbellen zilver saffier delftse gietmethode
Goudsmid LiJa Jewelry hanger perspex uniek ring bloem uniek design smal
LiJa Jewelry goudsmid werkbank oorbellen zilver
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