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“Together we can do so much more.”

How special it is that I get to work with such skilled goldsmiths. Together we make memories wearable. Together we know so much, each one of us, has her own knowledge and experience.

Team LiJa Jewelry Goudsmid Nuenen

Inge and Mascha have continued to improve their skills in various areas after the Schoonhoven vocational school. Before I retrained as a goldsmith, I gained years of experience in creative fields, which is why I sometimes see opportunities in a completely different way than a traditionally trained goldsmith.

However, we do have a few things in common:

  • We have a big passion and love for the craft.
  • We enjoy to give a piece of jewelry a beautiful finish.
  • We have a good time, but we can also work in silence, in supreme concentration.
  • We regularly have ‘good ideas’ days.
  • We all sing with love and pleasure, very out of tune.

“We regularly have ‘good ideas’ days.”

I would love to introduce the dream team of LiJa Jewelry to you:

Inge Haak | Goldsmith
Suzanne Veldsink-Koldewee | Goldsmith and owner
Mascha Timmermans | Goldsmith

Volg onze passie!