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Gift | surprise

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a gift for a loved one. What do you give someone who is turning 50, has graduated or has just become a mom? Do you still have gold and do you want to surprise someone with a piece of jewelry made from this precious old gold? But does the jewelry still need to be made/designed?

I have a solution for that: the gift is a bag with a jewelry box in it. This jewelry box is filled with a LiJa Jewelry pencil and paper. We then make an appointment to work on a design together after you gave the gift, so that the lucky person can also contribute ideas to the design. We can agree on a budget in advance, so that I can steer the conversation towards staying within that.

Do you already have an old gold piece of jewelry that really just needs to be resized or redesigned, I can also help you with this, by letting the new sketched design shine in the box.

Gift | gemstone or pearl

Do you have an idea what the lucky one will like, but you don’t know the ring size. Or is it actually more of a color that appeals to you and is designing together more special? Then give a gemstone or pearl as a gift! Later we will make a design together and incorperate the gemstone or pearl in the design. After that I will make the jewelry from silver or gold. We discuss the budget in advance, so that I can take this into account during the appointment.

Custom made | design with me

Do you have a great idea for a piece of jewelry or are you still looking? I like to help you, my strength is designing a piece together with someone. Especially when it comes to jewelry that stands for a certain moment in life or can be made with precious old gold. A price indication is regularly requested, because it is custom work, it is difficult to say in advance. Do you want a LiJa Jewelry piece of jewelry? Then assume that the pricerange will start at € 250 (silver), depending on your wishes, this can of course increase.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Together with you I can design a custom piece of jewelry and make it for you at my own workbench.

We make everything by hand, these rings and earrings have beautiful gemstones.
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