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Rings and earrings | Pearls, citriens, zirkon, ruby

Suzanne has managed to process the story of our family in a beautiful way into a set of jewelry. She is enthusiastic, involved and a real professional! We were kept informed of the making process of the jewelry set through photos and videos. The result is great and the pieces will be worn with pleasure and pride. Thank you Suzanne, we will definitely come back to you next time.
– Jessica –

Ring made with silver and gold | Rutilized quartz, spinel

A good conversation and texting back and forth a few times during the design process, resulting in a ring that symbolizes my 50-year life lessons; open, playful, powerful and authentic. A real Janine ring, I received from my love.
– Janine –

Ring made yellow gold and silver | Zircon

Suzanne makes a beautiful translation of emotion into catchy visual connections. A source of creativity and expertise, thanks Suzanne!
– Ad –

Incredibly beautiful and detailed bespoke piece. Thinks along with you down to the last detail and ensures that a super beautiful personal piece of jewelry comes out! Gives honest advice about what does and what might not go well together and how you can get the most out of it!
– Lotte –

Ring made of silver and old gold

A personal conversation and a beautiful result, exactly as my son intended. Suzanne has a feeling for people and can translate this into a beautiful piece of jewelry.
– Lianne –

Ring made of silver and old gold | Diamond and tourmaline quartz

Suzanne has turned my wedding ring into a very beautiful new ring. She is very open, personal, honest and approachable. I am very happy with the result and will wear it with great love. Thank you Suzanne, for the great contact, your positive energy, your knowledge, your patience and advice. But also the beautiful video of how the ring is made from start to finish. Makes the process even more personal. Would love to come back to you again.
– Marja –

Ring made with old silver and old gold | Diamonds

Suzanne understands the art of listening. She listens to what you tell and makes with that story, those memories, a beautiful piece of jewelry that you would everyone should have. A piece of jewelry made with craftsmanship and with beautiful, well-preserved and hidden memories. So thank you for that, I will continue to cherish this ring.
– Mieke –

Ring made with old white gold and old gold | Diamonds

Beautiful design sketched for a new ring made from my white gold wedding ring and an old yellow gold ring, great end result! Nice piece of work, Suzanne knows how to translate words into a very beautiful new piece of jewelry.
– Hanneke –

Ring made with yellow gold | Tanzanite and amethyst

After a long quest to start my first job as a midwife, I really wanted to do something special with my first salary. Soon the idea came to give myself a special ring and Suzanne was the right person to make that ring. I myself had an idea what I liked and Suzanne’s creativity resulted in a design that was exactly right! The ring is even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined! Now I wear it every day with great pride and I am always reminded what a beautiful profession I have!
– Laura –

Ring made with old silver and old gold | Engraved with a fingerprint and handwriting

A professional who listens very carefully to your wishes. She has translated my personal story into a ring that radiates love. Everything I wanted is incorporated in the ring. With some extra personal details that Suzanne has come up with. The ring is a precious reminder for me as a mom ‘unconditional love for your child’.
– Medea –

Earrings made with heirloom gold | Diamonds

My mother gave me her golden necklace shortly before she passed away. I didn’t like the necklace myself, so it had been stored safely for years. Actually that was a pitty. Then I came up with the idea to have it made into another piece of jewelry, which I would wear with love. I wanted earrings in the shape of a poppy, because a poppy reminds me of my mother. Suzanne worked with this idea. She has made several earrings and attachments, which I can combine in different ways. What an original idea! And they turned out beautiful. I love wearing them now, and I’m sure my mom would have loved them too. Thank you very much!
– Susan –

Silver ring with yellow gold and yellow golden ring | Diamond and labradorite

Suzanne has made 2 beautiful rings for me. Rings that for me symbolize a loving memory of my mother and my husband. Where the rings used to be a box, they have now been transformed into 2 modern, contemporary pieces of jewelry. Emotional and grateful.
– Marlies –

Bracelet ‘Spoon’ white gold

From the first moment I saw the “spoon bracelet” I fell for it: the symbolic story behind it, Suzanne’s deceptively simple design and the beautiful execution, you can choose the color of the gold and silk cord. And now I’ve got it! In white gold and dark blue, my favorite combination. This bracelet is going to help me further (and is beautiful to look at), thank you.
– Monique –

Silver brooch | Diamond and topaz

Thanks to Suzanne I was able to give my grandmother a special gift. She made a beautiful brooch, three flowers with the birthstones of my grandmother, my mother and me in the center of the flowers. Because my grandmother and I both have our birthday in the same month, we have the same birthstone. This brooch beautifully shows the bond between me and my grandmother. I want to thank Suzanne for giving shape to my idea in a wonderful way, with a very beautiful piece of jewelry as the end result.
– Ilona –

Yellow gold ring with birthstone | Emerald

lija jewelry gold ring emerald

Last year I had a ring made by Suzanne, with my daughter’s birthstone. The idea was to add one a year later with my own birthstone, she had already made the design for this. I am very happy with the result of both rings! Now that I’m wearing both of our birthstones on my fingers, I need to start thinking about what I want on my other hand next year. Because this seems to be a great tradition! Again, thank you very much, Suzanne!
– Nicky –

Hammered silver ring | Diamond and rough sapphire

Suzanne worked with me to design and create a birthstone ring. The process was fantastic from start to finish. We had a chat over Zoom so I could give her some idea of what I like, and she then kept me involved at every stage of the process. The result was exactly what I wanted, a unique piece that was absolutely ‘me’, and was also delivered surprisingly quickly. I cannot recommend Suzanne enough!
– Leona –

Ring made of old with gold and yellow gold | Diamonds

Tangible memories. Too dear to just leave them anywhere. Too expensive to do nothing with it.
Suzanne listened to my stories, made magic with her creativity and managed to translate my memories into one ring that gives me strength and gives me the feeling of living ‘together’. Suzanne has lovingly reused the old gold, while preserving the inscriptions.
She kept me informed about the making process and its creative challenges. What a professional. It had to be right down to the details. It is so great that she showed parts of this process. And is therefore also part of the new memory. A ring with multiple stories.
You are a beautiful person Suzanne! And I am happy and grateful that we met.

– Tessa –

Ring made of 2 old weddingrings | Diamonds

I came to you to have you make a piece of jewelry from my parents’ two wedding rings that died together on the same day some time ago. I did not know for a long time what I wanted with the rings and they have been in a box for years. In the end I decided to have a ring made for myself. I now have 4 children and wanted to represent them with diamonds. You listened very carefully to what I wanted and especially what I did not want. As far as the final design is concerned, I have entrusted that to you. And with success! It has become a beautiful ring that I wear with great pleasure and has become very dear to me. All the inscriptions have been preserved and I feel my parents much closer to me and they are happy that they were finally allowed to come out of the box. In addition, I also received a beautiful video of the creative process which I really liked and will keep. I am very happy that I had the ring made by you, especially how carefully you handled the entire process. You are a GREAT goldsmith.
– Joske –

Ring of old gold | 11 Diamonds

As a second assignment I requested you to make a ring with 11 diamonds and use my old wedding ring. This ring respresents a beautiful memory of my 11 grandchildren, which I enjoy immensely.
That too has become a great ring. Every day I see the 11 diamonds sparkle like my grandchildren always do. Suzanne, you have made a beautiful design again. As long as I live I will also have the precious memory of my grandchildren by looking at this ring. I don’t see them that often, but I can feel them every day. Thank you for making this beautifully designed ring. And thank you for sending me a video of the making process also. I think you are a GREAT goldsmith.

– Joske –

Pendant of old gold | Diamond, tourmaline and peridot

“I proudly wear my new necklace with pendant. It represents my family. Designed together with Suzanne and made by Suzanne. I am really happy with it. Thank you!”
– Eva –

Ring made of old and new gold

“I want to thank LiJa for the beautiful ring full of symbolism and made from old jewelry of my deceased mother. A perfect representation of my story in a piece of jewelry. Very nice. The video of the creative process is also beautiful.”
– Cor –

Earrings made of pure silver | Rough emeralds

“Suzanne searched for the emeralds I wanted for a long time. Then she turned my vague descriptions into a pair of beautiful and unique earrings. I am very happy with them.”
– Thamar –

Earrings made with old rosé gold

“Suzanne made very beautiful earrings for my daughter Layla. She used my old earrings that I got from my grandmother. With a lot of creativity and passion, Suzanne managed to transform them into something very valuable that is now passed on in my family. Thank you very much and we would love to come back in the future.”
– Ioana –

Yellow gold ring with white gold setting of old gold | Ice blue sapphire

“Recently we celebrated our 40 wedding years anniversary. A great opportunity to spoil my wife with a beautiful ring. Suzanne used an 18ct white and yellow gold necklace. Suzanne checked my wife’s preferences well, but the end result was a real surprise. We are very happy with it, what a nice remembrance.”
– Gerrit –

Silver pendant | Tourmaline quartz

“Suzanne has succeeded in capturing a personal message in a beautiful piece of jewelry. She took the time for a personal conversation and also left room for her own input. I am very happy with the end result!”
– Roland –

White gold pendant | Blue sapphire

Lija Jewelry Edelsmid Witgoud Afscheidscadeau Sieraad Hanger

“Suzanne has made a really beautiful piece of jewelry for my wife on her farewell to Korein. Beautiful symbolism, attention to the child, outside the box. Very refined. A wonderful memento of a beautiful period in her life.”
– Roland –

Ring in old yellow gold, new white gold and ashes in resin

Lija Jewelry Goudsmid Nuenen Herenring As Herinnering Dna

“Suzanne Veldsink knows how to make the perfect translation of ideas and wishes into a beautiful end result by listening carefully and thinking in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. She regularly updated me on progress and shared the interim results. I find the timelapse video of the entire making process a nice detail, which also gives you a good idea of how laborious things are. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, LiJa Jewelry is the right place for you!
– Patrick –

Pendant with birthstones | Keshi Tahiti pearl, emerald, tourmaline and moonstone

“Designing, creating and giving this symbolic piece of jewelry is perhaps the greatest gift for the giver. The process from sketch to result was also very nice and fascinating to do with you, Suzanne. You are amazing.”
– Katja –

Cufflinks plasterer’s trowel

“I wanted cufflinks, but I couldn’t find the ones I wanted, then I ended up at LiJa Jewelry. I explained that I wanted a (Plasterer’s) trowel. She sent a photo for the model, I agreed. It was a challenge but the result is above my expectations they are really cool.”
– Antoin –

Ring with birthstones | Diamond, peridot and pearl

Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Geboortestenen Ring Zilver Diamant Peridot Parel

“Some people have an amazing hidden talent. It doesn’t matter what your wishes are, Suzanne understands these wishes and creates beautiful jewelry.”
– Gonny –

Yellow gold ring with a birthstone | Green sapphire

Goudsmid Lija Jewelry Geboortesteen Ring Saffier 14kt Goud

“I had a very special ring made at LiJa Jewelry with my daughter’s birthstone. Very good advice, both in terms of material and design. I always find choices difficult, but she guides you well. In love with the end result! A second ring has to be added and she may certainly make that one too. I truly recommend her!”
– Nicky –

Earrings with extra shine

“I am very happy with my earrings made by Suzanne. Quick response to questions. Thank you for your contribution to my ideas. It turned out exactly as I had hoped”
– Annemarie –

Pendant with ashes and wedding rings

“After my wife passed away, I wanted a unique piece of jewelry in her memory. I came up with the idea to have our wedding rings assembled with a tray of resin with my wife’s ashes. I discussed that with Suzanne and she made a beautiful piece of jewelry. She gave the resin a color (light pink) with the ash beautifully incorporated in layers. I am very happy with it, what a beautiful pendant it has become. Thank you.”
– Cor –

Silver earrings

“For my 36th birthday I wanted to ask a memorable gift. That’s why we came up with the idea to design earrings to match my wedding necklace. What a beautiful and unique end result. They fit my little ears perfectly and fit like a glove. I think it’s great how Suzanne even took into account my request not to let the earrings swing. Now I wear a beautiful piece of jewelry without realizing it. Suzanne can make jewelry that suits you as a person. Thank you for this. I feel a year younger again”
– Serana –

Yellow golden pinkring

“Do you want a piece of jewelry, but completely according to your own wishes? Suzanne will take good care of you. She is super creative and made just the right ring for me, perfectly tailored!”
– Leonie –

Patinated silver ring with warm yellow golden granules

“I had a beautiful ring made. The dark ring with 6 golden balls. It has a nice meaning for me. 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I am so happy with it. It is great that you can tell her what you want.”
– Hettie –

Wedding ring

“Suzanne and I discussed my wishes and options together, for adjusting two of my rings. The result has become even more beautiful than expected. My wedding ring is now combined with (symbolically) our two sons. Magnificent! Thanks again Suzanne!”
– Karin –

Pendant of a company logo

“Had a beautiful necklace made. Fast service and she thinks along with your ideas! Passion for her profession.”
– Jordi –

Set of silver stacking rings

“Suzanne measured my ring size well and recommended the right size. The fit is awesome. The product is beautiful. It came in a beautiful gift box and was delivered quickly. I can recommend everyone, to choose something beautiful. Your wish is in good hands!”
– Ilona –

Pendant for a mom

“Thank you for the fast and personal service! Top!”
– Bas –

Children’s necklaces initial

“Good service and she made exactly what I wanted for my children.”
– Colinda –

Children’s earrings

“Suzanne made some beautiful heart earrings for my niece! A very nice quality and my niece was very happy with her gift from Glitterpiet.”
– Lieke –

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