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Spoon | Bracelet €180

Special spoon bracelet on satin cord

Anyone with a chronic condition knows that this takes a lot of energy, but how do you explain this to the people around you?

I myself have fibromyalgia and found this very difficult, one moment I can do everything and the next I cannot. Christine Miserandino once explained this to a friend with the help of spoons, the spoons stood for her energy. This spoon theory is still widely used as an explanation. Here you can find the article explaining it.

This handmade golden (or silver) spoon is a nice gift (for yourself) if you can use one extra spoon.

The spoon can be made in yellow gold, white gold and silver. The bracelet can be made with different colors of satin cord.

Product specifications

Solid gold or silver charm in the shape of a spoon on a satin cord.

Price indication depending on the silver or gold price.

Silver € 180,-  |  14kt Yellow gold € 320,-  |  14kt White gold € 400,-

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